5 thoughts on “Ever say something stupid to God?”

  1. Did you ever have one of your children say something like “Daddy!.. the moon is following us!”?… or perhaps make the revolutionary discovery of something absolutely amazing (to them!) that is, of course, totally ordinary to you? How do you look upon such?… and how do you suppose God, our most loving Father, looks upon you?


  2. I have, I am, and I will!…

    3 years ago, when my daughter Caitlin died (and worse yet that Jen’s live was imperiled), I was as mad at God as I ever have been with anyone, anywhere, anywhen!… Talk about shaking my fist at God! All of the feelings of anger, mistrust, abandonment, fury even, that I felt when my mother died, came boiling out. I contend with these yet, even as I know, to the very depths of my being, that God understands, that He loves me beyond my ability to comprehend, and that, even as with the child who believes that the moon is following him, there is so very much that I do not comprehend.


  3. Wow. I haven’t had an experience as wounding as losing your daughter and almost losing your wife was to you. And yet, obviously, I’ve had many angry moments with God.

    It surprises me how one-way this dimension has been. I’ve been angry with God an incredible number of times—and with far less cause than you have had—and yet, I have felt HIS anger only a few times.

    I’m sorry, John, that I didn’t wait a bit to ask you about anger. As life-giving as your answer to my question is, I still wish I had plugged in to your wonderful observation about being a father with children who are discovering things we’ve long taken for granted. I probably need to camp there awhile.


  4. No need to be sorry Charles!… that is merely the most powerful from my personal experience that related to your question; and perhaps my point was much more that, both in our wonder and in our sorrows, there are aspects of incomprehension and misapprehension.

    It seems to me that there is a distinct propensity for us, as fallen beings, to misunderstand so much of what we perceive. When are the ills of our lives and our world evidence of God’s anger (are the ever?), and when are they just representative of a fallen creation; the net effect of the aggregate ignorance, willfulness and uncaring (or simply unthinking) actions of us all…


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