Branford Marsalis on higher education…

George Leef adds these thoughts:

We pay a steep price for the educational theory that treats students as if they were fragile little glass figurines that might shatter at any blow. Eventually, their self-esteem bubble has to burst. The student will, at some point, encounter a no-nonsense boss who will say, “That’s not good enough. Either improve or you’re out of here.” Instead of wasting years in the smiley-face environment where everything is praised, it would be a lot better if students had to face reality all along.

Let’s have a big round of applause for Branford Marsalis-not this time for his saxophone playing, but for his willingness to point out a serious problem with American education.

Young people today, their parents and their teachers may not want to confront this.

But they need to.

Their country needs them to.


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