Prejudice Blindsided

ElgarListening just now to Enigma Variations brings back a memory.

In college I hated Elgar. Which was really strange because I had a sentimental soft spot for Pomp & Circumstances. But I just assumed all his music would sound like it was written for formal—pompous—circumstances and I just didn’t believe his music would be worth the bother.

Especially Enigma Variations, whose title REALLY sounded pompous and dry.

So I never (knowingly) listened to the man’s music. In other words, I was guilty of hating music I had never actually heard!

Couple/three years ago, I was driving home (from Dallas to Fort Worth) and there was this achingly beautiful music playing on WRR 101. Turns out it was Enigma Variations, specifically “Nimrod.”

Sometimes a prejudice cannot be attacked frontally. It must be blindsided.


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