I think I found a new favorite genre of music

What would you call it?

Um, Bluegrass/Old Timey/Classical Fusion?

What it is is really cool.

I’d never heard of Mark O’Connor or his piece Appalachia Waltz until a commenter on the WRR 101.1 fan page mentioned it. So I looked it up on YouTube, and goodness. I found a treasure trove.

First of all, the version I found was for violin, cello, and double bass. The cello was played by Yo Yo Ma and both it and the double bass were played with bows, classical style.

There’s more.

I also found a performance by the same three guys accompanying Allison Kraus in a plaintive, bluegrassy version of Stephen Foster’s Slumber My Darling.

Then I found Emily’s Reel, an even more bluegrassy performance, still all with bows.

Then I stopped looking because I had to let you know, if you don’t already, about this really, really cool music.


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