Was needing a second job, and a friend of mine recommended I look at Central Market, which seemed like a whiz-bang idea.

I thought I could slip through the application process without them knowing I’m not a foodie–though I’m related to several.

Not to be:

“Describe your most memorable dining experience.”

My answer:

When Keith Einstein (Einstein Printing) gave Carol and me a gift card to Ruth’s Chris for my 10th anniversary there.

Best steak I’ve ever eaten (though, believe it or not, Saltgrass served one to us that was almost as good).

Best baked potato ever.

Second best bread pudding (my favorite is still Zea’s).

What I liked about the service was that the server helped us feel at home in a far fancier restaurant than we could ever afford with our own resources. Definitely a snoot-free zone. (It was also a kick because at the time of our visit I was the guy who designed their menus. Funny thing, though, is that you have to leave the restaurant—downtown Fort Worth—to use the restrooms!)

“Describe the last meal you cooked”

My answer:

This morning. A simple scrambled egg skillet with packaged onion/pepper mix I cook in olive oil. I do this for Carol every day off. We both have this thing for onions browned in olive oil.

“What are your favorite restaurants?”

My answer:

May I just tell you up front that I’m addicted to simple, traditional, no false pretensions Tex Mex? In that light, Carol and I love a nearby hole-in-the-wall restaurant, just south of I-20 on McCart, called Mexico Real.

There, I said it.

My guilty pleasure is Whata Burger.

I also like going to Macaroni Grill, because Carol and the kids love it and I love them. And I love the taste of crusty bread dipped in Rosemary and olive oil. And Italian lessons in the Men’s Room.

If Olive Garden were as good as its commercials, it would be on my favorites list too. I’m definitely traveling to Tuscany after I grow up.

Oh—and Razzoo’s (though I’m getting too old for the rat toes…)

Does eating free samples at Central Market count as going to a restaurant?

“What condiment or ingredient do you have on hand always?”

My answer:

I’m so ashamed.

On the Border medium salsa.

(Wait a second. Is coffee a condiment?)


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