Talking them out of Marrying the Wrong Person

In Love by garryknight

Why is it so difficult, as election day nears, to talk anyone away from one candidate and toward another?

I’m not talking about trying to convince Jonah Goldberg to switch his vote to Obama a week before the election.

I’m talking about the average guy in the office. Or next door. Or at church.

It was the last Sunday before the 2008 presidential election.

My wife sees our daughter talking passionately with one of the guitarists in our church’s worship band. Carol rescues the young man and brings him to me. I guess to reason with. In his 20s, married, a couple of adorable children. Dressed like a rock star. Pro life, small government, pro low taxes, pro national security—indeed, pro Iraq War.

And he’s voting for Obama.

As I cover the few issues we have time for . . .

Who am I kidding?

We have no time. He is seven minutes from having to play. Anyway, he’s “researched” and found that criticisms of Obama in all these areas have been exaggerated.

He isn’t “that bad.”

He seems like the sort who will bring unity. And we really need unity now.

It’s like trying to talk a girl out of being in love. Trying to help her see the mistake she’s about to make.

It’s simply too late.

Too much ground to cover. Too much commitment already made.

We can’t wait until just days before an election to win hearts and minds.

Honestly? I think it’s too late, once an election is underway, to do the kind of teaching that is required if the right candidates with the right solutions—more than that, the right principles and priorities—are going to prevail.

And really. How many of us like to be talked out of the choices we’ve already made?

It’s hugely frustrating to run into people—especially young people like this guy—who, a) Don’t know how much they already agree with our candidate, and b) How much they disagree with the candidate they plan to vote for.

We need a better way.

And we need it now.

We can’t wait until campaign season to start teaching.

Photo Credit: In Love, a photo by garryknight on Flickr.

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