Standing with Wendy but Failing to Grasp the Concept

hangersThese people were “standing with Wendy” as she filibustered against a law banning abortion after 20 weeks and which sought to raise the medical standards of abortion facilities to those of outpatient surgery centers.

But that’s not what I want to point out.

Do you notice what they’re holding?

Do you notice what they’re made out of?

These ladies are so uninformed about the iconography of their own movement, they allowed themselves to be caught quite publicly holding…

Plastic hangers.

Mommy Dearest probably equipped them for their moment in history.

The meaning of the symbol isn’t in the hanger. It’s in the wire the hanger’s made of. A castoff plastic hanger from Walmart isn’t a frightening symbol at all. At least to normal people.

Cutting it apart and using the wire to initiate an abortion is. It was a horrifying enough symbol in the 60s to drive millions of people onto the pro choice side of the abortion debate.

Including a teenage me.

What we’re seeing here is simply provoking laughter and ridicule.

These particular people are what committed activists call drones.

They just do what they’re told and say what what’s been written for them—and don’t have a clue what any of it means.


One thought on “Standing with Wendy but Failing to Grasp the Concept”

  1. Perhaps a tad too eager to make such presumptions, Charles? My closet is without old-style wire hangers (they tangle, they poke – I hate them, oh I hate them so). And if I’m going to toss a hanger in my purse or backpack to take on a political outing, I’d seek out an instance of the thing made from sponge-cake. Neoprene if I’m in a hurry.

    Alternate thesis – Symbolism plus thoughtful pragmatism. I’m very fond of our young folks.


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