Losing it On the Old Guard Right

It’s official. Opposition to Ted Cruz from the right has reached the Beautiful Mind level of paranoid fantasy.

One of the dangers of this kind of thing is that it tempts Cruz allies to ignore—or simply be blinded to—weaknesses in either his positions, tactics or character.

I mean, nobody is perfect. And when he’s wrong at any point, we want to call him on it.

But defending him against spurious and now delusional attacks has been a full-time job.

At least up till now.

Quite honestly, Cruz has the kind of personality that might rub me the wrong way if I disagreed with him.

He’s a little like the enforcer my hockey fan friends talk about loving—as long as they’re on my friends’ teams and not their rivals’.

But these emotional, knee-jerk, use any means at our disposal attempts to discredit him mystify me.

Because the danger on the flip side, and the opening for those of us on the Cruz side of these events, is that because of tweets like these and stupefying conversations so many of these folks have, where they parse every Cruz or Cruz ally syllable in search of evidence of his calumny, they are doing a better job of discrediting themselves than Cruz or his defenders ever could.

These guys are doing a better job than I could ever hope to of destroying the Kill Cruz Caucus.

And more power to them.


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