‘They Got Old, Jimmie…’

Be_The_Wave_MeThere was a real rough patch a couple weeks ago on Twitter for those of us who favored the boldness and creativity of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others fighting to keep the American people from going through what so many are going through this week.

I closed a piece I posted earlier today with a tweet from one of my Twitter friends, Jimmie Bise Jr.

I don’t know Jimmie in The Real World, only on Twitter, but he’s been kind of a Twitter soul mate to me. Sometimes I feel like we’re at a bar talking about policy or tactics. Or what unbelievable thing somebody said.

During that rough patch we talked about the state of the conservative movement and how disappointing some things are right now.

It seems like some of the people we’ve looked up to don’t see things the way we do.

Which is okay. Until they start slamming our heroes in absolutist terms and condemn tactics we not only agree with, but whole-heartedly embrace.

And then ignore our arguments.

Here’s one of our threads.


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