Guess I’m One of the ‘Crazies’…



My buddy Ron Fournier, this morning in “How Crazies are Destroying Your Party“:

A GOP operative who also requested anonymity said Wednesday’s hearing on Obamacare highlighted what’s wrong with his party. “We looked like we were beating in the HHS secretary,” he said of Kathleen Sebelius. “Why do we have to always overdo it?”

‘Why do we have to always overdo it?’

Excuse me?

If this man is, by any stretch, a genuine GOP operative, then he’s what’s wrong with his party.

I have a list of a couple dozen certified conservative, old guard columnists and public intellectuals who’ve ripped Cruz et al a fair one over their supposed scorched earth policy—and not one of them could fairly be suspected of uttering such idiocy.

If he’s a congressional staffer, he needs to be publicly identified and ridden out of Capitol Hill in tar and feathers.

Or made to work for Charlie Crist.

In my worst Tea Party fundamentalist paranoid dreams I can’t picture even poor Rich McConnell saying something so hopelessly stupid.

I know Rich Lowry wouldn’t.

Jonah Goldberg? Surely you jest.

This is his opening tweet during the hearing:

John Podhoretz?

Here he is begging for mercy for poor enlisting a more thorough grilling of Sebelius:

Rich (whom I gently ripped yesterday) joins in:

John has quite a few tweets like that one.

He finishes up his Twitter standup with this one (today):

He had barely gotten started. That last tweet pointed to this (‘Whatever’ are you babbling about, Kathleen Sebelius?):

For a moment Wednesday morning, the person in charge of ObamaCare — not to mention the largest and most expensive Cabinet department in the United States and, therefore, the world — turned into a frustrated teenager.

Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services, was undergoing a grilling from a Republican congressman over whether President Obama bore responsibility for the failures of his health-care rollout. She said it was her fault. He said Obama was her boss and she reported to Obama, so wasn’t it his fault, too?

To which Sebelius responded thusly: “Um . . . You clearly . . . ­Uh . . . Whatever.”

The column did not get gentler—or more respectful—from there.

May I repeat?

These people whose tweets (and column) I linked to are people who’ve blown up all over the internet condemning the tactics of Cruz, Lee, and their allies. And they’ve taken a lot of heat from people like me for it. (Frankly, they’ve taken a lot of heat from people who think they’re like me, but aren’t. But that’s another blog post…)

Ron’s “activist” is probably the only person, other than Sebelius, who thought she was deserving of even a modicum of mercy during that deer-in-the-headlights exhibition of total technocratic incompetence and feigned ignorance.

If I’m crazy, at least I’m in good company.


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