Politics isn’t about Finding a Parade and Getting in Front of It

Is there any lamer political advice than ‘Get on the right side of history’?

Drum Major, Ben Farr by Greece Trip AdminPolitics is the art of achieving a better future for your community, country, and culture. Not finding a parade and getting in front of it.

Beware of pleas to the inevitable. That rhetorical approach is both fascistic and juvenile.

Like Jr. High.

It manipulates you through two powerful chinks in most folks’ emotional armor:

  1. The fear of being left out.
  2. The fear of being laughed at.

This is where I think most analysis of the Tea Party and their cultural conservative cousins goes wrong.

These folks aren’t in anybody else’s parade.

They’re the kind of people the GOP establishment is afraid of, because putting and keeping the GOP elite in congressional majorities isn’t what they’re about.

But they’re exactly the kind of people the GOP desperately needs in order to win elections. Especially national ones.

These people aren’t interested in political power and position for their own sake. Only for the sake of the mission.

What they’re interested in—and vitally committed to—is recentering their country on what made it great and prosperous.

And can again.

Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness.

Not ever-growing government control.

Not the shaming and freedom-grabbing bullying by the latest wave of moral fashion and indignation.

It’s not a matter of whether they’ll vote or sit out. Or their political contributions.  It’s a matter of their passion and skill as political evangelists. Explainers to their neighbors of the cause they’re fighting for.

And the dangers of staying the current political and social courses.

They’re not going to help you “get on the right side of history.”

But they’ll help you stand athwart history, remaking, redirecting, restoring.

They don’t find parades.

They start them.

And they recruit their neighbors to join them.

A genuine leader…

…knows who he is and where he is going, and—by the example of his life and the power of his words—brings others with him.

The true leaders are revolutionaries, and only revolutionaries get the big chapters in the history books.

As I read history, it’s usually the Tories who end up on history’s bad side.


Photo Credit: Drum Major, Ben Farr, a photo by Greece Trip Admin on Flickr.

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