Dear Progressive: What the Poor Need from you (That you Refuse to Give Them)

kevin-d-williamsLove this post by Kevin D. Williams on National Review Online (Up with the Poor, Down with the L. A. Times), in which he exposes the hypocrisy of progressives who decry the mistreatment of foreign poor by international capitalists, but deny them the opportunities provided by employment:

What can we do about the situation of the global poor? We could seize all of the wealth of those 85 super-rich people whose portfolios so fascinate the Los Angeles Times, which would have the effect of raising the average wealth of the world’s poor from about $485 to about $970 — not exactly a solution.

The only way to help the world’s poor to a position of relative prosperity and economic independence is to help them to participate in the global economy, and here our progressive friends take a damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don’t approach. They’re scandalized by the scanty assets of the world’s poor, and they’re even more scandalized when rich countries open their markets to the global poor, or when companies from rich countries invest in poor countries and employ the poor people residing therein. The Democrats refer to Americans who do business with the global poor as “economic traitors,” and their most recent national convention was an energetic pageant of xenophobia, replete with ritualistic denunciations of the Yellow Peril come to steal our jobs.

Ask your progressive friends why they hate the poor. Then ask them to read the article.

Whole thing’s available here.

Meanwhile, my progressive friend, what do the poor want from you?

What you—so far—won’t give them:

There’s more: Progressives: Do you want to help folks or not?


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