Which Position is Most Insulting to the Working Poor?

It began with an insult from one of the nicest guys I know on Twitter:

‘I don’t think you get what we’re saying’

These are the tweets those links point to:

You think getting stuck with a job you don’t like is imprisonment? What about (safety) net lock?

That was the trap my family was in

And it hurt. And it was more frightening than I have words to express.

I felt the world closing in around me. I knew if we didn’t do something—something almost desperate—we would never escape this trap.

‘One night I sat the family down…’

(I already had a 40 hour a week job at Walmart.)

Simply because…

If you are in a position never to have experienced a measure of economic self-sufficiency, where are you going to get the confidence to break out of prison and do something, even go backwards if necessary?

In the name of compassion progressives have put forward a Rube Goldberg contraption that is threatening to trap millions of people ever deeper in poverty.

Simply because it’s the Holy Grail of 20th Century American progressivism.

And, by God, they’re not going to let baked-in-the-cake failure stop them.

No matter how many people get hurt in the process.


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