Wendy, dear, we hardly know you

wendy_davis3-620x412Everyone knows it’s Wendy

I guess.

Her public loved her in those adorable pink sneakers.

Sure, we all laughed at her incredible lack of self-awareness:

Who can forget her memory lapse about how she financed law school.

But those are trifles to her legions of fawning fans.

After all, the people in the know assured us that, win or lose, Wendy Davis can’t lose (Wendy Davis can’t lose in 2014 — no matter the outcome):

It’s not the job of outsiders to tell people what to do with their political careers. But if Wendy Davis asked my advice about whether she should throw her famous shoes into the ring for governor of Texas in 2014, I’d tell her: absolutely. If she wants the job, she should go for it. No matter what happens, it will likely help her.

Oh my goodness. I wonder if Wendy read this before she made her decision?

Granted: She probably loses if she runs. Abbott probably gets the nomination, performs well, and steamrolls whoever the Democrats put up.

I guess not.

Silver lining

Oh, but there’s more:

Even so. Remember Ron Kirk? Kirk had been mayor of Dallas, and he had the privilege of being flattened by Jon Cornyn in a 2002 Senate campaign – and then wound up United States trade representative during Barack Obama’s first term.


Ron Kirk was the mayor of Dallas.



Not state senator from a tiny district of artsy-fartsy liberal Texans.


And he had to get along with an amazing variety of rich and poor, Republican and Democrat (Dallas’s mayors are non-partisan), liberal and conservative.

And I don’t remember him ever standing up for as radical a social position as you can imagine in Red State Texas.

Folks, we’re talking a total unknown who captured the nationwide (if synthetic) imagination of extremists anxious to put a pretty face on the ugliest part of their deadly movement.

No, not all statewide losers get shiny new Washington jobs … but Wendy Davis is already a lot less anonymous than most statewide losers.

Yes, because we’ll never forget those cute pink sneakers. Or her plastic hanger waving cheerleaders in the balcony.

If she can survive a statewide campaign without making a fool of herself, she’s going to be among the top tier of 2014 Democratic losers.

So much comedy gold packed in so small a verbal space.

But at least we know our Wendy!

At least we know that spunky gal who stood up in gallant (and apparently unknowing) defense of giants of women’s rights like Kermit Gosnell and in defiance of Texas’s Big Red Political Machine.

So there’s one thing we know about Wendy Davis: She’ll fight to the end to allow mothers to kill their unborn babies up to and past that evil 20-week limit!


In this morning’s Dallas Morning News:

Wendy Davis backs 20-week abortion ban that defers to women

Wendy Davis said Tuesday that she would have supported a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if the law adequately deferred to a woman and her doctor.

What does that even mean?

But the Democrat said the state’s new abortion law didn’t give priority to women in those circumstances. The law allows for exceptions for fetal abnormalities and a threat to the woman’s life, but Davis said those didn’t go far enough.

“My concern, even in the way the 20-week ban was written in this particular bill, was that it didn’t give enough deference between a woman and her doctor making this difficult decision, and instead tried to legislatively define what it was,” Davis said.

I still don’t know what that means.

 Davis said she could have supported a bill that contained only a 20-week ban, but the law’s restrictions on clinics and doctors have greatly curtailed access to the procedure in parts of Texas.


Here’s what I said about that (How to be a Pro Choice Politician in a Pro Life State):

Wendy Davis should have embraced abortion clinic regulation reform. She could have made a point about supporting those reforms, but maybe oppose the late term cut off. Insist these issues be decided separately (as some immigration hawks insist that enforcement be dealt with first and alone, before any other reforms).

But she didn’t.

Instead, she embraced what most Americans, and definitely most Texans, regard as an extreme position in the abortion wars.

Hey. At least she’ll be in the “top tier” of Democratic Party losers.

If you’re going to lose anyway, might as well keep ’em laughing on the way out.

Which I hope is soon.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Mike Stone

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