The Mendacity (or Something) of Obama Drones

Is it mendacity—or something else?

Then some drone puts in his two bits.

I always ask myself whether a drone like this is confused about the nature of the conversation or simply baiting. Normally I would ignore this incursion, but because Fournier favorited his tweet, I answered the drone. But I was really trying to answer Fournier.

After I booted that guy from my timeline, I reengaged Milbank and Fournier, hoping to remind them that the thread Milbank started wasn’t about prescriptions moving forward, but responsibility for how we got here. Personally, I think both of those things are important, but it’s also important not to move goalposts in the middle of a conversation.

So I shared this tweet with them:

In a way, Fournier’s right

Because you can’t just keep hammering away at what the president did wrong (as important as that is)—you still need to show what can be done now.

But there are some things. And they were all posted on the web before the above exchange took place.

In addition to Marco Rubio’s recommendation above (8 Steps Obama Must Take to Punish Russia), Eliana Johnson reports on several Republican responses and suggestions (some of them better than others—Cotton Slams Obama’s ‘Trembling Inaction’ on Russia’s Ukrainian Incursion):

Cotton joined several Republican senators in urging a swift diplomatic response to the Russian incursion, pressing the administration to revoke the travel visas of senior Russian officials and to freeze the assets of Ukrainian oligarchs who assist in the Russian invasion.

Earlier on Saturday, Florida senator Marco Rubio called on President Obama to halt negotiations with Russia on any issue unrelated to the Ukrainian crisis. Texas senator Ted Cruz said the president should move to boot Russia from the G-8, and Tennessee’s Bob Corker, the ranking Republican senator on the Foreign Relations Committee, called for targeted sanctions against senior Russian officials.

It’s disturbing to me how either stupid or disingenuous Obama drones and some apologists are (NOT Fournier and Milbank in this exchange). The folks who would’ve shredded George Bush over something like this act dumb in the face of criticism of their guy.

And they pull out all the fallacious stops in order to save face.

Here’s what they need to do instead:

  1. Own the result of policies they supported.
  2. Stop pretending Republicans aren’t offering suggestions.
  3. Come up with their own suggestions.

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