Buzzfeed Ben on Jeb and the Tea Party

‘Stop this boomlet before it starts.’

Mitt RomneyBuzzfeed’s Ben Smith rides to the rescue.

Quite unexpectedly, from my viewpoint.

I’d picked it up in a tweet by Amy Walter, of all people.


Yesterday I wrote about a tweet she wrote with what I perceived to be a useless question:

Can Jeb take positions that many in base don’t like w/out making them sound / feel like they are enemy (a la Huntsman)

And I wrote this:

How refreshing it would be to find a journalist capable of seeing past opposition to an issue to the principles behind the opposition. Instead of assuming partisanship or fanaticism or some drive for absolute purity on every issue.

I feel vindicated!

Ben Smith, Buzzfeed Politics: Why Jeb Bush Is A Terrible Candidate:

The notion that Jeb Bush is going to be the Republican presidential nominee is a fantasy nourished by the people who used to run the Republican Party. Bush has been out of a game that changed radically during the 12 years(!) since he last ran for office. He missed the transformation of his brother from Republican savior to squish; the rise of the tea party; the molding of his peer Mitt Romney into a movement conservative; and the ascendancy of a new generation of politicians — Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, among them — who have been fully shaped by and trained in that new dynamic. Those men occasionally, carefully, respectfully break with the movement. Scorning today’s Republican Party is, by contrast, the core of Jeb’s political identity.

I actually like Jeb Bush, and all his family, a lot.

But the sooner the Republican Party jettisons the corporatist, statist, establishment types from its decision-making process, the better.


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