Do We REALLY Have to Choose Between Anarchy and Leviathan (Run Amok)?

Clive Bundy in front of American flag

We should thank Clive Bundy for initiating a conversation we should’ve had a long time ago

Not the race thing—which we’re all probably overreacting to anyway.

But his views of the federal government vs. his state.

How should we put this politely?

Mr. Bundy is not a federalist.

As he told Dana Loesch in a radio interview (emphasis mine):

I believe this is a sovereign state of Nevada. I abide by all of Nevada state laws. But, I don’t recognize the United States Government as even existing.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

Frankly, I wasn’t shocked by Bundy’s views

Or by the tweet I linked to above. Or by the hundreds of anarchist and minarchist drones who would’ve descended from the skies if I’d followed up @DrumDeLeo’s tweet with a challenge.

I’ve encountered these people before.

wanted: thoughtful anarchists…

To those of us who are not anarchists, that headline sounds like an oxymoron. Thus far, I haven’t seen evidence that we’re wrong.


I frankly haven’t been exposed to that many anarchists.

The few I have been exposed to (such as this comment from Steve’s Facebook page) espouse such thoughts as:

I don’t live in, and never have, any territory where the Constitution was signed. The people who lived where I do, at the time, were free and independent people who were conquered by a government run amok.

In what way does that imply my consent to such conquest?

As to the people who don’t understand freedom, they have been brainwashed by the same government for the past 150 years to believe they can’t have freedom and that anarchy=chaos.

Simply because they have become inured to the cult to which they belong doesn’t grant them the power, being the majority, to enslave me as a minority.

Or this one, from the Comments section of one of yesterday’s posts:

All you have to do is explain why it is appropriate to initiate violence to accomplish your social goals. How your personal philosophy justifies pointing guns at people because they did something you didn’t like that causes you no harm.

Or this bit of argumentation (again, from Steve’s Facebook page):

Stop making excuses for your Constitution fetish. cure it.

By the way, all the anarchists I had this conversation with (as well as a follow-up) were avid Ron Paul supporters.

Which is really amazing, since Ron Paul is a thoroughgoing—if eccentric—constitutionalist.

But many of his followers aren’t.

And Mr. Bundy—first lionized, now defended, by committed Second Amendment apologists—isn’t either.

But what about his many defenders/apologists on the Right?

I’d give a cookie to know.

I ask more questions in the follow-up (Can War Lead to Peace? We Know Anarchy Can’t.)


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