The Walsh Smear and the Republican Civil War

Brian WalshBrian Walsh presents a master class in political passive-aggressive

This is gonna be a rough bit of writing because I don’t have time for polish.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s former communications guy Brian Walsh has been cultivating a smear job against a Republican insurgent down in Mississippi.

Some background:

According to Walsh’s bio at U.S. News & World Report he is “still on retainer to provide strategic advice” to the NRSC.

Which is amazing in light of this response to Erick Erickson:

(Although I must confess some affection for this “defense” of him by @SDWarElephant:)

It all began with a surreptitious snapshot

Geoff Pender, The Clarion-Ledger: Man arrested for sneaking into Cochran’s wife’s nursing home

A Pearl man who runs a political blog is accused of sneaking into a nursing home where U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran’s wife is bedridden and photographing her, then posting the image in a video political “hit piece” on the internet.

Madison Police arrested Clayton Thomas Kelly, 28, of Pearl on Friday night on a charge of exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He’s being held on a $100,000 bond.

The reporter was careful to relay the Cochran campaign’s allegations of a connection between this crazy man and the guy running against Sen. Cochran:

Campaign sources say Kelly on Saturday, April 26th, posted an anti-Cochran, pro-Chris McDaniel “hit piece” video that included the image of Rose Cochran. The video and references to it were removed from the internet within a couple of hours.

Kelly operates a “Constitutional Clayton” blog, a Youtube channel and other social media. He has posted numerous pieces in support of McDaniel and opposition to Cochran, and appears to have interviewed McDaniel on video at least once.

I’m not going to trace all the ins and outs of this because others have (specifically Erick Erickson):

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. this morning, someone from the McDaniel campaign reached out to Senator Cochran to condemn what had happened. Everybody knew who the victim was and it is clear by even the comments on this blog that were posted before sun up.

After 9 o’clock this morning, the Clarion-Ledger confirmed that Mrs. Cochran was the victim. At that time, the NRSC, the Thad Cochran campaign, and others began attacking Chris McDaniel. They claimed he must have been involved because he knew it was Mrs. Cochran before the media reported it.

In other words, it was well known before the Clarion-Ledger’s report that Mrs. Cochran was involved. Chris McDaniel’s campaign called to assure Senator Cochran that no one from the McDaniel campaign was involved. Then the Cochran campaign and NRSC decided to exploit the show of concern for political gain by lying about who knew what.

Erickson then links to this Walsh tweet:

Even before I began reading up on this, and without any effort at all,  I could imagine over a dozen plausible explanations.

Sad thing is that somebody with the intelligence of Brian Walsh could have as well.

Probably did.

But his Twitter smear had just begun.

He RTs Brad Dayspring, his successor at the NRSC:

Then somebody called “Red Alert Mississipp” (I have no idea who they are) tweets:

And Walsh responds:

His last tweet on this topic was 13 hours ago as I type this:

Twitter fury

I have to admit I thought Walsh was still on the NRSC payroll when I began harassing various Senators and what not about his, but knowing better doesn’t change anything I tweeted.

Fact is, Walsh is the Frankenstein monster of these Senators, specifically Mitch McConnell.

He is their ally.

According to U.S. News & World Report he’s still on retainer.

He RTed a tweet by somebody who still works for them.

Speaking of which, Brad Dayspring’s been on his own tear. Check out his feed here, where he’s been busy fact-checking Erick Erickson and others and continuing Walsh’s (and Cochran’s) smears.

Can somebody please tell me?

Why are National Republican Senatorial Campaign folks (and former folks?) ginning up this smear down in Mississippi?

Why aren’t the good Senators in charge of them doing anything about this?

Senator Cruz, where are you?

Your country needs your clarity here.


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