2 thoughts on “Confidential source: Ron Fournier’s secret posting template”

  1. Charles: Are you being serious when you said in your point 3 “How can I introduce Number 2 into the article in a way that will minimize or distract from Number 1 (without using the words “equal” or “equivalent”)? If you are, then you have not been reading Ron in context lately. Ron calls things right down the middle as an objective and professional journalist (I can post many examples of that on request) and he has been hard on Obama lately for what he has done wrong. I also do not like how you worded your point 1 when you said “What horrible thing did President Obama or another Democrat do to destroy the country today.” Ron (and any other truly serious commentators) do not believe that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the country if that is where you are going. But even if that is not where you are going, Ron may take Obama or anyone else to task about things BUT that does not necessarily mean that the issue Ron is addressing is serious enough to “destroy the country” so I do not understand why such extreme language is needed. If my interpretation of what you have said is right, then I suggest that you either retract this or agree to debate me about Ron’s fairness on this blog. If I misinterpreted anything, then please tell me what I got wrong, I would really like to know!

    How about it? You can reach me through Facebook messaging if you would like to contact me!

    Mitch Dworkin, M.Ed.
    Political Analyst and Consultant
    Dallas, Texas
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mitch.dworkin


    1. Thanks for the comment, Mitch.

      Just wanted you to know the post is meant to be a spoof.

      I’m teasing Ron over something he and I disagree about (and teasing a few other people at the same time),

      I don’t mean every point to be taken literally.

      Hope your day is going well.


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