Matt Lewis on Jeb Bush and the 2016 Race

Matt Lewis 12-17-14

Watched a fascinating Matt Lewis interview about Jeb Bush this morning (and “live”-tweeted, something I’ve never done before).

Can’t embed the C-Span video here (yet), but here’s a link, followed by my lightly edited and expanded Twitter comments.

Washington Journal: Matt Lewis on Jeb Bush’s Possible Candidacy in 2016

  • I think the Cotton-Scott-Lee-Ernst-Sasse-Cruz base is where the conservative renaissance is taking place.
  • I also don’t think we need to pander on immigration in order to win hispanics.
  • Matt’s right on not demagoguing immigration hardliners.
  • Listening to Matt talk about staying home. I agree w/ him. But I also think it was a mistake for diehards (future Tea Partiers) to sit out 2008, allowing  Obamacare to pass and then again in 2012 allowing it to entrench itself.
  • I wish we could get over this dynasty hangup. Caller now slamming dynasties, then recommending Rand, thus demonstrating that “dynasty” is an excuse to oppose someone you would’ve opposed anyway.
  • On Cruz, Matt’s use of “sadly” is pretty patronizing. I would point to this Byron York piece: Did Ted Cruz really bungle the lame-duck session for Republicans? (The answer is no.)
  • Matt’s interviewer makes much of Cruz apologizing to the Caucus behind closed doors. Thing is, my corner of the base doesn’t respect the narratives put out by GOP leadership, which in my opinion needs to do a 180. (By the way, wasn’t for the actions he took, but for blindsiding them.) In this case, it doesn’t hurt to kiss the ring.
  • Why does the GOP establishment insist on scapegoating Cruz, rather than merely disagreeing with him? Why do they buy in to an amplify Chuck Schumer’s taunting? There were reports that folks who agreed with Cruz in principle voted against him just because they were upset at the inconvenience. And then they blamed him for nominations going through they all knew were going through anyway.
  • Oh no, Matt’s talking Tea Party. Good analysis, though. While I agree someone like Jeb can win the nomination (principally by being the one establishment candidate against a host of insurgents) I do think the nominee needs the base to win the general.
  • Oops. Now C-Span’s gonna talk brain tumors, so Matt’s out of there.

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