Where is the monster Jennifer Rubin promised us?

devil ted

Jennifer Rubin does not like Ted Cruz.

As in, not at all.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: Senate passes spending, GOP still despises Ted Cruz


  • Cruz can annoy and grandstand, but he no longer will affect outcomes of legislative fights, and his reputation as a showboating dilettante is cemented.
  • Cruz surely knows better, but his insatiable appetite for attention and belief that average voter won’t see through his stunts are evident even to casual political observers.
  • Cruz likes to say he is “leading”; he seems not to know the difference between leading and preening. A fatuous tweet from a Cruz flack (“GOP [senators] should quit complaining about Cruz and Lee and start working with us to stop amnesty”) was par for the course: dishonest (they all will fight the executive action in the new Senate), self-serving and insulting.
  • That only 22 senators joined him in his constitutional point of order suggests he is neither feared nor respected.
  • In reminding everyone — in case they forgot the 2013 shutdown — Cruz cannot even get along with members of his own party, he reminds responsible Republicans how ludicrous it would be to put him in the White House.
  • The man who has come to define the dysfunction and nastiness voters loathe about Beltway politicians is going to have quite a tough time convincing voters he is the answer to the strife and incompetence of the Obama years.

Sounds like the mean girls smoking behind the field house, doesn’t it?

This is what passes for conservative political “analysis” in some circles.

Just think what Rubin would say if Cruz waffled on his staunch support of Israel.

None of what Ms. Rubin says comes from any direct observation on her part of Cruz’s interactions with colleagues. It all comes from news reports, insider gossip—and her own unquenchable animus toward him.

There is no attempt at all on her part to understand what he says or does from his perspective.


Sadly, she’s not alone.

Much of the over-the-top writing-off and ridicule that greeted Cruz on the day he made his announcement is nothing more than a faint copy of this kind of thinking.

It’s been my belief for a while that Cruz, if he can survive the initial onslaught, will actually thrive when voters hear his actual words, watch him in action—and realize the difference between what they’ve been told and what they see .

Here’s what I said around the time he announced formally:

Sure enough, this morning, my friend Jon Gabriel quoted Ted Cruz’s welcoming Rand Paul to the campaign:

Instead of cynicism and contempt, Cruz took a different tack with Rand’s announcement:

“I am glad to welcome my friend Rand Paul into the 2016 GOP primary. Rand is a good friend, and we have worked side by side on many issues. I respect his talent, his passion, and the work he has done for Kentuckians and Americans in the U.S. Senate. His entry into the race will no doubt raise the bar of competition, help make us all stronger, and ultimately ensure that the GOP nominee is equipped to beat Hillary Clinton and to take back the White House for Republicans in 2016.”

Such self-centered arrogance. Such unwillingness to get along with others.

I mean, seriously. Where are the horns?

Back to Jennifer Rubin…

Here’s an excerpt from Rubin’s post I saved till now:

  • Cruz remains the odd man out in the Senate, justifiably hated by his peers. Among those openly disparaging Cruz and his antics were Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Susan Collins (Maine), Bob Corker (Tenn.) and John Cornyn (Tex.).

There’s a name missing. Oddly missing.

Which I find strange.

Because I’ve been convinced for awhile that Jennifer Rubin is John McCain’s amanuensis.


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