Getting over the last hurdle to embracing Marco

Marco Rubio 2


The second to last hurdle, to be technical.

Yesterday and today found me in two different Twitter threads. Same topic, conflicting perspectives.

And I played the opposite role in each.

The topic was Marco Rubio. In one thread I was his apologist, in the other his critic.

Thread One

In this one I’m the doubter.

Good point.

Wasn’t sure I bought it. Though I wanted to.

I really like Rubio. But immigration. Gang of Eight.

Yeah, he has that.

Really evident as I finally watched his NRA speech.

I was mesmerized.

Thread Two

Here I’m the apologist.

Don’t read that as saying I like Rubio better than Cruz, or that Cruz isn’t a threat to Rubio.

I think both their similarities and differences are tantalizing and unpredictable.

(I was thinking of the other thread…)

Had to wait till I got off work to watch, and frankly I was surprised.

I’ve always liked Rubio, but the Gang of Eight thing just gnaws at me.

You know what, though? After watching the video, I trust him again.


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