What do Rubio, Cruz, Walker, Perry & Rand have in common?

Candidate Array

One of my favorite Twitter people raised this point with something I wrote this morning about Cruz. I said:

Ted-Cruz-Poster-2Personally, I think Cruz is oozing with charisma.

And it’s the right kind. The kind that ticks off the principal and frightens your parents.

I mean, look at that poster on the left (that’s Cruz’s autograph just over the right shoulder, by the way).

Dude. That’s some charisma you see there.

I think what my friend took exception to is the reference to ticking off principals and frightening parents:

Does this win the general?

Actually—why not?

So what do those guys above have in common?

Whichever one of them is nominated will beat Hillary.

Ponder that as you evaluate anybody’s electability.

I mean, I agree with anybody who thinks Marco is just about the nicest politician around.

But you know what?

Romney was nice too.

Too nice to tell his story—or let anyone else.

Too nice to push back, from the beginning, when political enemies lied about his life and character.

Too nice to put a firm end to Candy Crowley, right there on national television.

Campaigns like this one, with the entire future of the United States at stake and Democrats and press in collusion to make the electorate think the opposite of whatever the truth is—

This isn’t the time or place for nice.

This isn’t a campaign to gain June Cleaver’s vote.

This is a campaign to get the truth across in an understandable fashion to an electorate that has been bombarded for decades with narrative over truth and demagoguery over honesty.

That’s not going to change because of somebody’s sweet face and gentle manner.

Yes, it’s not going to come across from scowling meanness either.

But it will hit the target coming from firm, articulate, logical, emotion-stirring, honest, transparent, compassionate, informed conviction.

What’s say we give it a try?

Besides, who’s to say Mrs. Cleaver won’t take to an antihero in a way she never bought into Eddie Haskell?


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