How do I title still another piece about Cruz and Rubio?

I give up

Let’s just make it a Matt Lewis piece and then sneak Cruz and Rubio in at the end.

Matt Lewis in silly Twitter T-shirt


Matt Lewis wrote an awesome column (Will Republicans seek an Obama of their own in 2016?).

Which is good, because I’ve gotten tired of ragging on him all the time knowing at some point he’s going to block me.

And then what?

Here’s the first thing I liked about it:

It’s rare to see a political piece with both comparison and contrast.

If Fournier ever learned to do this, it would revolutionize political discourse in America.

So, after a brief (and really cool) intro, Matt asks a question:

Was Barack Obama a paradigm-shifting president who “changed the trajectory of America” — or just a two-term president? The answer to that question will help determine whom Republicans will — or at least should — nominate. And because Hillary Clinton stands as a stark contrast to Barack Obama in many ways — most obviously generationally — it’s possible the 2016 candidate best equipped to recapture that Obama magic may actually be a young conservative.

Matt’s thesis is that you can divide the young Republican candidates into two groups:

  1. The Hot Group (my term).
  2. The Cool Group

The hot group is Cruz, Christie, Perry.

The cool group is Rubio, Jindal, and (Matt is stretching here) Jeb Bush.

If Republicans feel a need to answer Obama cool with Conservative cool, they’ll go for Group 2.

If they decide we need to go the opposite way, then Group 1 is in.

I think I can see which way Matt leans, but his exposition (which you really need to read in its entirety), inspired my own thinking on something he didn’t bring up.

My thesis

Obama is, always has been, and always will be, Chance the Gardner.

Meanwhile, all the young (meaning not Jeb) conservatives Matt mentions are the real deal.

They are actually what Obama, and his handlers and enablers in the press claimed to be.

And actually—in my mind as I write—I’m especially picturing Cruz and Rubio. My two favorites.

  • Smart.
  • Educated.
  • Savvy.
  • Quick on their feet.
  • Able to speak without a Teleprompter.

Don’t know at this point how crisply their pants creases are pressed.

But they’re definitely ready for prime time.

And both of them (okay, all of them on Matt’s list—hot or cool) are more than able to beat Hillary.

Just to quibble, I don’t think Cruz is hot in the way Matt (and almost every commentator I know) thinks.

I just think he’s cool—as in not easily rattled—in a different way from Marco.

Besides, I’ve seen Rubio himself get a little worked up.

Although, as Matt, mentioned in our discussion this morning…

He was talking about Obama appearing to be more moderate (during his first election) than he really was.

But I suspect he would apply the observation to all these guys.

I just have my eyes on these two because I increasingly suspect they’ll be the last two standing.

And that would be the farthest thing from a disappointment to me.


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