Why do we pretend to know who the most electable Republican in 2016 is today?

Do we really have to do this now?

Candidate Array

Honestly, this gets on my last nerve.

What we should be asking is:

  • Based on what I know so far, which of these guys do I most want in the White House?

And then:

  • Who else besides my favorite guy would do a good job?

Then let’em fight it out.

Instead, we have this:

David Harsanyi, National Review Online: Why Marco Rubio Is Probably the GOP’s Best Hope

As a matter of political pragmatism, is there any convincing reason Rubio shouldn’t be the Republican to take on Hillary Clinton in 2016? Because when it comes to natural political talent, it’s unlikely the GOP could do better.


We know this at 8:07 Mountain Time on April 17, 2015?

Do you really think so?

Couple things to consider (Dwight Eisenhower was first elected president the day before I was born, so I’ve had a lot of time to consider a LOT):

  1. The guy—right now—I think would make the best president may turn out not to be as good as I think he is. Or
  2. I may at some point have to say to my favorite, “Dude, I believe in you but I can’t get anyone else to agree with me and I’m not going to waste my vote. So I’m gonna vote for that guy over there.”

Should I be making that decision 18 months before the general election?

I don’t think so.

Are you seriously doing that?

It’s time to take time.

It’s time to be open to other possibilities than my hero of the moment.

It’s most definitely NOT the time to reject other potentially good potential presidents based on alleged lack of electability from today’s foggy perspective.

You may have noticed—I have—we haven’t had a debate yet.

Maybe we should just skip that.

Maybe we should just skip the whole thing.

Save a ton of money.

However, I’d kind of like to elect the best electable president.

And I have ideas about what this country needs in a president.

I’d like to see if that kind of president can get elected.

So I don’t start with deciding who is the most electable. I start with who I most want in the White House, THEN try to figure out whether they’re electable.

And it’s WAY too early in the process to know the answer to that question.

Either question, really.

If I could ever learn to convince people of that fact, we could start a movement.


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