What the Panel Didn’t Think to Mention


I was watching a segment of Face the Nation this morning on Same Sex Marriage

The precise context of the discussion was the political dimension, most of it reflective of the media’s fixation on GOP candidates and whether—and how much—their convictions regarding SSM would impact their campaigns.

The whole conversation was surprisingly respectful of the sincerity of various politicians’ beliefs on the subject.

One of the panelists drew a comparison/contrast between Roe v Wade and same sex marriage. She made the point that—though both same sex marriage and abortion rights were judicially-imposed rather democratically chosen—there wasn’t the same fallout occurring now as their had been as a result of Roe.

I didn’t expect, given the political focus of the discussion, that anyone would mention further erosion of the rule of law as previously-hidden constitutional rights were suddenly discovered and rendered completely obvious to judges.

What I did expect, and didn’t hear, was mention of the violation of conscience rights we’re seeing now.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa

And THAT is very much a difference between these SSM rulings and abortion.

As far as I know, no doctor in America has ever been forced to perform an abortion against his will.

I believe it is the violation of these conscience rights—and not SSM itself—that will ultimately tear the fabric of our nation even more than court-imposed abortion rights have.

Update/Follow-Up > One Social Con’s View of SSM (It’s not that Simple)


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