Ted Cruz’s Ban on Nation-Building

Ted Cruz smiling

I have a question

Read a helpful piece this morning from Jamie Weinstein on Ted Cruz’s foreign policy worldview (h/t Matt Lewis).

The gist is that Cruz isn’t a libertarian isolationist OR a neocon interventionist, but something in-between.

Which pretty well also describes me.

There was an interesting part, though, that leads to what I think is an obvious question:

Cruz says “if and when U.S. military force is required,” it should only “proceed under three preconditions.” You might call it the “Cruz Doctrine.”

“First, it should begin with a clearly stated objective at the outset. It should be directly tied to U.S. national security,” he said. “Second, we should use overwhelming force to that objective. We should not have rules of engagement that tie the hands of our soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines.”

The final point in the Cruz Doctrine is that the U.S. military should not be asked to help birth democratic societies.

“Third, we should get the heck out,” he said. “It is not the job of the U.S. military to engage in nation building to turn foreign countries into democratic utopias.”

Is Cruz including Iraq in that point about not nation building?

If he is, I’d like to have a heart-to-heart with him.


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