Four questions to ask when you want the federal government to do something

When you think you’ve spotted a problem that you think the federal government needs to solve…

Say… more gun control.

Comprehensive immigration reform.

(Comprehensive anything reform.)

Compulsory national service.

Universal government-paid daycare.

You need to stop and ask yourself some questions:

If you’re Congress and you’re thinking of passing a particular piece of legislation, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Is it constitutional? (If not, stop.)
  2. Is the problem you’re seeking to solve a) a federal issue or b) more effectively solved by the states? (If “b,” stop and defer to the states.)
  3. Is it necessary? (If not, stop.)
  4. Will it work (will it actually solve the problem you’re claiming you want to solve)? (If not, stop until you have something that will work.)

You know where this would lead, don’t you?


One of the greatest and least appreciated gifts from the Founders.


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