Who is Charles Flemming?

I want what you and I have in common to take a larger place in our conversation than whatever may divide us.

Long Hair at the ZooAbout Charles

I am a Christ-Follower, Husband, Father, Friend, Pastor-Teacher, writer, and designer.

Fascinated by politics, public issues, communication, and leadership.

My passion is to help people build a better future for themselves and their families. I get to do this every day for a large financial services firm (in other words, I don’t blog for a living).

But I also like to argue politics with strangers.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

About Thinking Out Loud

In the Mid Aughts (around 2006 to normal people), I began interacting with folks who didn’t think like me in a forum on Washingtonpost.com.

This is where I mastered the art of snark and learned how to defeat trolls, while at the same time becoming bitter and cynical (go figure).

In need of a platform on which to pontificate, I began this blog, Thinking Out Loud. And, simultaneously, becoming even more bitter and cynical.

And not very persuasive.

And thus my experiment in political discourse ended.

Until recently.

A Bit of a New Purpose

The goal now is not so much to win the argument, but to learn how to win the heart. So I look for ways to agree and then understand where we disagree, and why. To listen as much as talk. To discuss principles more than contentious proposals.

And, hopefully, bring more light than heat to our political conversations.


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